For companies that want to be partners of the event, exposure is guaranteed by the official communication on technical journals and through posters, leaflets, flyers distributed over the 12 months preceding the event. The sponsors can set up their spaces in the dedicated areas and appear in promotional documents (advertising pages, posters, flyers, competition newspaper), official documents (road-book, pectoral numbers), banners/panels in the ‘departure/arrival/arrangement’ areas. It will be possible to establish a ‘special trophy’ dedicated to..., distribute gadgets or organise a sampling campaign in the ‘departure/arrival/arrangement’ areas. Finally, you can support the event by providing the product

REGISTRATIONS TO 2018 EDITION ARE NOW OPEN Registrations to the 6th edition of Chrono Alps 500 - the first and only endurance race for Harley-Davidson bikes - are ...
REGISTRATION CHRONO ALPS 500 Registrations to Chrono Alps 500 - 2017 edition are officially closed.